Hong Kong BIM Conference 2015

  What we have seen so far is that still not that many of those BIM projects are happening yet in Hong Kong, or at least none of them were shown. We got to see some interesting examples shown by [...]

Point Cloud Survey Data in BIM

Point Cloud Survey Data in BIM The Point Cloud Data extracted from Survey has been a great breakthrough during the past years. Now a days the cost of a Point Cloud Survey is now roughly the same [...]

Team Collaboration: IFC Quick Test

ARCHICAD to IFC Export Tests Some of the most common advantages that we talk about when we refer to BIM usually are Collaboration and Coordination. The IFC format is the basic common language for [...]

Grasshopper empowers BIM

Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Connection During the past years we have seen how some parametric approaches have found its way to integrate in the Architecture Design Process. The connection of [...]

A Tool for Design

Is BIM making you a better designer? As we all already there is not such a tool that is going to make you smarter or improve your skills when using it. Tools help us to resolve problems, to [...]

BIM Level 1: Better Information Management

Level 1 BIM – the forgotten first step When using a tool for the first time we always should aim to understand the basics of its logic. Starting with simple examples and explore it progressively [...]


Do you really understand what is the meaning of Building Information Modelling is? In order to understand the revolution that is taking place in Architecture all over the world it worth have a [...]


When wondering whether BIM is an appropriate tool for design or not, is good to have a look to some of our favourites architectural offices around the world. When we talk about Architecture, team [...]