We Are Enzyme.

Enzyme is an Architecture Practice and the Official BIM Registered Consultant for Graphisoft in Hong Kong. We have extensive experience developing international projects using Building Information Modeling softwares.

For the past 10 years we have used ArchiCAD to Design and Develop multiple types of Architecture Projects of very different scales all around the globe, Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. 

We are specialized in Computational Design and BIM: providing consulting, implementation, outsourcing, and training. Developing projects at any scale is a large task, that involves a big amount of teams that need to coordinate in the best way in order to get the best result without wasting time and money. Our goal is to avoid bad coordination and eliminate errors, being efficient with time and resources.

We use BIM and other digital tools to optimize coordination between teams, to get the best results for our clients enhancing all the projects that we are involved.

We now have offices and partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Madrid.


We Are Design.

Architectural Design is a process that integrates all disciplines that involves the Development of Architecture. We believe in integrated design process that maintains the quality of every single element of the project till its execution and life cycle.

The development of a project from the first sketch to its execution is a whole process that starts with Design. We have developed and participated in different types of projects of every scales through Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia. This background allow us to approach every project from a wide perspective and understanding. Every project is a team-work that intends to make the most of each discipline for the best


We Are BIM.

A true “BIM” consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building parts and pieces used to build a building. These elements have all the characteristics – both physical and logical – of their real counterparts.

More than 10 years ago we decided to use BIM as a process basis in order to make the most of the coordination in between teams and get the best result for our customers. We have a wide experience developing BIM models and coordinating the different disciplines involved.

We are specialized in BIM implementation, out-sourcing and collaboration. We believe in optimizing team collaboration as the best strategy for achieving the best result forour customers.


We Are Sustainability.

We are all increasingly interconnected in a world of finite resources, and the old models of fast growth are unsustainable. Our future will be about smart growth- the managing of resources and talents to achieve sustainable development that balance economic needs, the environment and social benefit.

Sustainability starts with optimization of resources and time. A sustainable design is also that which is accomplished on budget. In our process, we strive to optimize the value of a project at every stage within a set of needs that considers functionality, aesthetics, program size, construction methods, quality of materials, sustainability and efficiency.


We Are Community.

We are designers and thinkers who look beyond conventional solutions to create new potentials and values in our projects. We believe that creative ideas and solutions produce not only inspired design and invention, but ultimately bring greater value for our clients and for the public.

Enzyme team is involved in Social projects which aim is to enhance and improve living conditions of communities. We collaborate with different NGOs and offices that are currently developing projects in Asia and Africa and America.

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