We Are BIM.

“The highest Design standards

with the most efficient process and technology”.

We provide Architectural and BIM consulting services working with private clients, international AEC practices and universities worldwide. As Architects and BIM Experts we combine both skills not only for the benefit of the projects we work on, but for our clients and collaborators as well, providing training and know-how to upgrade their skills set.

Our Clients.

Our Services.


We are Registered Architects with international experience working on new challenging projects every day. We engage our design skills from the first sketch on the concept design and feasibility phase, to the construction and coordination phases.


We provide BIM solutions for any AEC practice, from new users/offices to full advance implementation. We work on Workflow and Documentation, Templates, Outsource of BIM Models, Algorithmic Design (Rhino/Grasshopper + ArchiCAD connection), and BIMx files.


Our Interior Design Team provide unique custom concepts and high-end solutions, in Retail, F&B, and Private Renovations, as well as, Integral Brand Image with our Fashion & Graphic Design consultants.


We offer tailor-made solutions for our clients. Our BIM Experts relocate and work in-house, throughout a live project to guide and enhance the Design Process and Documentation Generation.


We work and team-up with other architectural firms on XL projects, on Mixed-Use Masterplanning and Urban Design projects all around Asia.


Enzyme is a Registered Consultant of GRAPHISOFT® and the Authorised BIM Training Center of ArchiCAD in Hong Kong. We provide trainings and courses for private users and corporate firms, as well as, being involve in international conferences and university workshops.

 We believe in collaborations and project partnerships of Design and BIM,

please tell us your needs.