There have been recently many requests from Architects colleagues and other professionals about how to connect a workflow based in Rhinoceros from Mcneel with a BIM platform. We have seen this [...]

Architecture, Technology & Innovation. Review of KCC2018 in Budapest

Hi All! Sorry, that took us so long to get back to the blog but the team just got back home from an incredible two-week journey to the origin of BIM, the ARCHICAD factory! It has been one of the [...]

Element IDs, Properties and Drawings.

Hello everyone, Today I am going to talk about Element’s IDs and Customised Properties in an ARCHICAD File. Some of you may know already how important these elements are in your model and some of [...]


GET IT AUTOMATED, GET IT DONE RIGHT Today I want to introduce the world of automated Schedules in ARCHICAD. This article is for those who are new in the BIM methodology and also for those who [...]

Clash Detection and The Wrong BIM Workflow Part II: Asia Case Study

BIM can be a way to fix problems or avoid them from the beginning Some time ago we published an article about the main concerns that professionals from the AEC environment rise when contemplating [...]

Renovation and Rehabilitation Projects: Introduction to Renovation Filters

Every Stage of your Renovation within the same BIM File The Renovation Filters in Archicad are a powerful tool to organize what is old and what is new in your project. In other words, what is [...]