Element IDs, Properties and Drawings.

Hello everyone, Today I am going to talk about Element’s IDs and Customised Properties in an ARCHICAD File. Some of you may know already how important these elements are in your model and some of [...]


GET IT AUTOMATED, GET IT DONE RIGHT Today I want to introduce the world of automated Schedules in ARCHICAD. This article is for those who are new in the BIM methodology and also for those who [...]

Clash Detection and The Wrong BIM Workflow Part II: Asia Case Study

BIM can be a way to fix problems or avoid them from the beginning Some time ago we published an article about the main concerns that professionals from the AEC environment rise when contemplating [...]

Renovation and Rehabilitation Projects: Introduction to Renovation Filters

Every Stage of your Renovation within the same BIM File The Renovation Filters in Archicad are a powerful tool to organize what is old and what is new in your project. In other words, what is [...]

The Wrong BIM Workflow

Why firms fear upgrading to BIM Understanding the concept of BIM is quite simple and when explaining its benefits most of the Architects react like “yes, it make sense..”. But the big [...]