Architecture, Technology & Innovation. Review of KCC2018 in Budapest

Hi All! Sorry, that took us so long to get back to the blog but the team just got back home from an incredible two-week journey to the origin of BIM, the ARCHICAD factory! It has been one of the [...]

Element IDs, Properties and Drawings.

Hello everyone, Today I am going to talk about Element’s IDs and Customised Properties in an ARCHICAD File. Some of you may know already how important these elements are in your model and some of [...]


SIMPLIFY AND AUTOMATE A WORKFLOW TO SAVE TIME: GRAPHIC OVERRIDES + 3D DOCUMENTATION Hello everyone, ARCHICAD has a great potential when it comes to produce documentation. In all the posts about [...]

Find and Select in ARCHICAD: Manage your Project

The most powerful Selection BIM tool to manage Data and Geometry in a Project     Manage a project in a BIM environment can be a nightmare if it is not done properly. This files usually [...]

Design Strategies 2: From Massing to BIM

The whole BIM process starts with Massing and Design Parametric shaped slabs within morph geometry Most of professionals related to the construction industry already know the big advantages of [...]

The Wrong BIM Workflow

Why firms fear upgrading to BIM Understanding the concept of BIM is quite simple and when explaining its benefits most of the Architects react like “yes, it make sense..”. But the big [...]