There have been recently many requests from Architects colleagues and other professionals about how to connect a workflow based in Rhinoceros from Mcneel with a BIM platform. We have seen this [...]

Large Scale Part 2: Drawing Manager

Hello everyone, Following our previous post about handling Big Models I would like to add a few more lines regarding the workflow with this kind of projects. Today I am going to talk about how to [...]

BIM for Small Firms

BENEFITS OF USING BIM IN SMALL FIRMS The benefits of the Building Information Modeling in large companies are well known. What may not be as well known are the benefits that can provide to small [...]

Renovation Filters Step 2: Design Options

Embed Different Design Options within the same file in a clean way   In a previous post in Enzyme Asia Blog we talked about how to use Renovation Filters. This feature in Archicad helps to [...]

Design Strategies 2: From Massing to BIM

The whole BIM process starts with Massing and Design Parametric shaped slabs within morph geometry Most of professionals related to the construction industry already know the big advantages of [...]