Grasshopper & Archicad Learning: Computational BIM for Concept Design

Dear Friends and lovers of Architecture and design! Last week we organised in collaboration with TGIC the first of many webinars explaining some of the different workflows possible between [...]

Library Parts 2: Curtain Wall Panel

Hello everyone, Today we are going to continue the last post about creation of Library parts. In our previous post we learned how to create a frame and a cap of a Curtain Wall tool. In this post [...]

Large Scale Part 2: Drawing Manager

Hello everyone, Following our previous post about handling Big Models I would like to add a few more lines regarding the workflow with this kind of projects. Today I am going to talk about how to [...]


PRODUCE COMPLETE SETS OF DRAWINGS AT 1:50 AND 1:200 AUTOMATICALLY FROM YOUR MODEL There is a conversation that still goes on and on with all my friends who are architects and engineers working in [...]

Renovation Filters Step 2: Design Options

Embed Different Design Options within the same file in a clean way   In a previous post in Enzyme Asia Blog we talked about how to use Renovation Filters. This feature in Archicad helps to [...]