Seoul | South Korea    Cultural    16.000 sqm    International Competition    @TAKENKA Corporation

“The New World Writing Museum”

The Main Concept evolves from the various interpretations and perceptions of same thing that different users or cultures can get. This perception does not only involve the writing or characters but the experience of living a space, the scale, the materiality, the light able to create the comfort zone, like a constellation or an art piece (Different user, Different perception, Different name, Same space).

International Competition developed as Design + Bim Consultants for Takenaka Corporation at Osaka, Japan.

TAKENAKA Computational Design Team | Hiroshi Arita, Masaaki Matsuoka, Aya Kasuya, Naoyuki Takayama |

Enzyme Team | Jorge Beneitez, Jorge Gil |

FOREGROUND + GOREAL Visualization Services