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We are an international architecture and design practice, with over 250 projects of sustainable architecture, urbanism, and interior design. Founded in 2015 with offices and local partners across the world, we work as a single entity that is both ethnically and culturally diverse, leveraging technology for design, and having people as the center of all our endeavors.

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Our Services.


With Over 250 architecture and design projects around the world, our team has wide experience at all scales and stages: from private houses, high-rise residential mix-used towers, and offices, to coworking, retail malls, and niche projects like Aquariums.

Urban Planning & Landscape

We have designed and developed Mixed-Use Masterplans and Urban Design projects incorporating the latest digital tools to leverage data-driven workflows into our strategic planning work.

Interior Design

Both residential and commercial interior projects require a level of precision, expertise, and speed that is provided by our senior ID team worldwide.

Computational Design

We leverage and provide technical solutions in our projects and consultancies, such as computational design, optimization of geometry, libraries, and other project metrics.

Sustainable Design

We provide advanced design consulting to improve the environmental performance, running and construction costs in projects worldwide.

Digital Design

Our team of experts and multidisciplinary backgrounds works on custom and high-end digital solutions for various types of projects, Marketing CGI and Film, Metaverse, etc.

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