We Are Enzyme.

We are an Architecture International Office:

We have designed and developed over 160 projects of Architecture, Interior, and Master Planning in South-East Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

We assume the responsibility of improving and enhancing the way we develop our world:

Implementing Smart Workflows to push efficiency of our works and the industry, while stretching the boundaries of technology with BIM, Computational Design, Real-time Rendering Animations, GIS, and more, to ensure the optimal development for our clients.

We are the Official Consultant of Archicad for Graphisoft HK:

We have specialized in Computational Design and BIM over the last 10 years, now we provide consulting, implementation, and training.

We have offices and partners in Hong Kong, Madrid, Singapore, Dubai and Ho Chi Minh.







Our Services.


We develop any scale project, from "S" for private clients, such as Housing, Rehabilitations, to "XL" for International High-Rise and Niche Developers, such as Aquariums, Hospitality, Governmental and Mix-Used projects.


Our Interior Design Team provides unique custom concepts and high-end solutions in Retail, F&B, Private Renovations and, Integral Brand Image from our Fashion & Graphic Design consultants.


We provide tailor-made BIM solutions for any AEC practices from new users and offices to full advance implementation. We work on their workflows and digital Solutions for Documentation, Templates, and Algorithmic Design (Rhino Grasshopper + ArchiCAD)


We are registered consultant of GRAPHISOFT and the authorised BIM training center of Archicad in Hong Kong. We provide training and courses for private users and corporate firms and are also involved with international conferences and university workshops.

Our Team.


We bring together International Designers, BIM Architects and Computational Design Experts, ready to lead any project to the widest range of creative solutions:

  • Our team is founded by the diversity, the multiple expertises and the different backgrounds of its members.
  • Our Focus is to incorporate that technology to gain control on the projects, maximizing the design value and quality.
  • We have stablished an international reputation for our creative, innovative and yet rigorous approach to architectural design.
  • Our international experience across projects in Asia, Middle East, USA and Europe have given us the capacity to adapt to very diverse local and cultural requirements.
  • We work hard to achieve high quality architecture designs at any scale, with contemporary solutions that enhance the social and sustainable impact in our environment.

  • Jorge Beneitez
    Jorge Beneitez Managing Director | Co-Founder
  • Eugenio Fotan
    Eugenio Fotan BIM Director | Co-Founder
  • Jorge Gil
    Jorge Gil Design Director | Partner
  • Jae Kim
    Jae Kim Design Director | Singapore
  • Naji Mahmoud
    Naji Mahmoud Senior Associate | Middle East
  • Andrew Shaw
    Andrew Shaw Senior Architect | Middle East
  • Jorge Morlan
    Jorge Morlan Senior Associate | Spain
  • Ausias Gonzalez
    Ausias Gonzalez Structural Architect | Consultant | Germany
  • Matteo Biasiolo
    Matteo Biasiolo Senior Architect | Consultant | USA
  • Coni Leung
    Coni Leung Marketing Manager | Hong kong
  • Main Stanich
    Main Stanich Project Manager | Spain
  • Ed Peters
    Ed Peters Senior Architect | Consultant | Hong kong
  • Ismael Sanz
    Ismael Sanz Digital Design | Consultant | Hong kong
  • Lella Bernasconi
    Lella Bernasconi Interior Designer | Consultant | Hong kong
  • Lorenzo Franceschini
    Lorenzo Franceschini Parametric Architect | Consultant | Italy
  • Alvaro Carmona
    Alvaro Carmona BIM Architect | Spain
  • Hung Chu
    Hung Chu BIM Architectural Designer | Vietnam
  • Liz Pang
    Liz Pang BIM Architectural Designer | Hong Kong
  • Melissa Chan
    Melissa Chan BIM Architectural Designer | Hong Kong

Our Clients.

Publications & Awards.

Past. Present. Future.


April   ENZYME APD • Enzyme Architectural Process Design is founded by Jorge Beneitez & Eugenio Fotan.



May   AMA DESIGN • Enzyme and AMA Design have a partnership resources for collaborations on the design, development, and coordination on complex projects using BIM.



June   APPLICAD • Enzyme is selected to participate as a guest speaker at the Graphisoft Seminars “Small Firms with BIM” in collaboration with AppliCAD Indonesia.



July   KCC15 • Enzyme attends the Key Client Conference of Graphisoft in Tokyo, Japan.



September   HKIBIM • Enzyme as Keynote Speaker at the Hong Kong Institute of BIM Annual Conference.


February   BIM SUMMIT • Enzyme presents at “Master’s of Archicad” on the BIM Web Summit organised by Eric Bobrow with over 400 Registrations all over the globe (Post).


April   KCC16 • Enzyme attends the Key Clients Conference of Graphisoft in Budapest.


March   BILT2017 • Enzyme is selected to provide the first official ARCHICAD courses at the BIM Center in the Construction Industry Council (CIC).



May   AEDAS • Enzyme BIM Consultancy at Aedas Singapore for design, development, and coordination of complex projects.



May   KCC17 • Enzyme attends the Key Clients Conference of Graphisoft in Kyoto, Japan.



June  BCA • Enzyme as Keynote Speaker at the BCA Marina Sands BIM Conference in Singapore.



July   TAKENAKA • Enzyme BIM Consultancy at Takenaka Corporation for design and development of International Competitions with the Computational Design Team in Osaka.



September   1ST PRIZE • Enzyme and Takenaka wins the 1st PRIZE at the International Urban Competition | Futuristic Cities Yilong, China.



October   CIC HK • Enzyme is selected to provide the first official ARCHICAD courses at the BIM Center in the Construction Industry Council (CIC).



November   HKIBIM • Enzyme as Keynote Speaker at the Hong Kong Institute of BIM Annual Conference.



December   1ST PRIZE • Enzyme and Ama.design wins the 1st PRIZE as Lead Consultants for two residential towers + podium in Dubai, UAE.


February   BIM SEMINAR • Enzyme participates as guest speaker at the Graphisoft BIM Seminars “Parametric Design and BIM” in Norway.



March   MCNEEL • Enzyme is selected to participate as a guest speaker at the “National Congress McNeel / GRAPHISOFT ” in Italy.



March   CIC HK • Enzyme renew as the official ARCHICAD trainer at the BIM Center in the Construction Industry Council (CIC).



June   KCC18 • Enzyme as Keynote speaker the Key Clients Conference of Graphisoft in Budapest (Video).




July   PAM • Enzyme as Keynote speaker at the Institute of Malaysian Architects in Kuala Lumpur, “BIM throughout the Architectural Process”.