Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam    Office    45.000 sqm    International Competition    Concept    2nd Prize    @ICE

A project designed at the international competition for the Ministry of Telecommunications of Vietnam, to redevelop their old VNTA headquarters. A Strict brief of maintaining the exiting structure and extending the GFA on top of it was given, making the double body tower with a green atrium our main design seed. Enhancing the public areas all along the building plus a louver façade that makes the coolness needed for the radio/rack servers needed and brings light at the same time for the office and interior utilities.

There are 5 special zones to consider as key points of this project, strategic intervals of VNTA.

  1. Public Zone (for general public affairs, such as public services and administration)
  2. M.I.C.E. Zone (Meetings, Conventions, Exhibitions)
  3. Technology Zone (Training, R&D, VNTA Servers, Data Center, Control Room)
  4. I-Hub (Interactive Hub with Canteen, Main Refractory, Lounge, Library)
  5. Sky Lounge (Panoramic Deck, VIP Lounge, Sky Garden, Gymnasium)

By separating and zoning the different functions, the security of the core office functions can be kept at a high level without compromising the openness of VNTA, public relations and interaction.

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Enzyme Team | Matteo Biasiolo, Jorge Gil |