Causeway Bay | Hong Kong    Ephemeral    90sqm    Built    @Caroline Wüthrich    @Rafaella Bernasconi Design

One of our latest collaborations for a fair pavilion design came with a very nice and interesting geometrical problem, which we have tried to analyse, compute and ultimately succeeding project.

As many other Interior Design Projects the Festival Hub “Zürich meets Hong Kong” was meant to be done in a short period of time. There were developed multiple options. The client chose one that needed to be modified and as soon as it was signed off the contractors were on board.

The basic arrangement of simple white-panelled house-like structures had to be integrated with a continuous set of parallel stripes running across all the various interior surfaces of the panels. Even we immediately pictured the end result in our minds, we did not fully understand the challenges of achieving the goal in a clean, precise and effective manner, however thanks to the algorithmic design + BIM we got another satisfied client with an amazing result.

Collaboration with Caroline Wüthrich Architect.

Enzyme Team | Kathy Pau, Melissa Chan, Lorenzo Franceschini, Eugenio Fontan, Lella Bernasconi |

Graphic Design | Stand Diers.