Rome | Italy    Ephemeral    550 sqm    Public Competiton    Concept    @Perky Pat Layouts

Maxxi’s open space, entirely invaded by an extensive rice crop, becomes an experimental field in which urban practices, marked only by the agricultural tissue, offer the public totally unexpected spatial types. Through the encounter between practices and spaces belonging to deeply different environments, the installation aims at producing an unusual atmosphere in which the elements of the one blend with those of the other, modifying both.

A broad grid, as a territorial 0rganization tool, enables the cohabitation between the two systems offering water and protection to panem, shade and artificial light to circenses. Entrenched paths, glades, stretches of water and shade, like voids carved out of a dense expanse of high sheaves, create unusual space capable of welcoming and at the same time of disorientating the visitor.

Three great urban figures define the pattern of the cultivated area, redesigning the same. The intersection of the cardo and decumanus, the forum and the frigidarium. Along with the dense web of pathways, these three figures offer to the public multiple functions, enabling the sudden imposition of agricultural and urban open spaces.

The forum, at the intersection of the cardo and the decumanus offers a shaded space, protected on three sides by great agricultural wings. Ideal for hosting small events, shows and readings, with its broad seats it is capable of gathering up to 50 spectators.The cardo, accompanied by long curtains providing shade, crosses the length of the entire cultivation, welcoming visitorsin deep wooden benches where one can sit or lie to enjoy the coolness offered by the dense rice plants.

In Collaboration with Perky Pat Layouts.