Seoul | South Korea    Recreational | Sport    45.000 sqm    Public Competition    Honourable Mention

We propose a mountain as a new landmark and gathering point for Dalseong. An appropriate addition to the existing mountainous landscape, Community Mountain emerges from the site as an extension of the existing topography, shaping new connections with the city, Dalseong Sports Complex Park and new visual connections to the surrounding landscape.

A hiking trail, albeit a very gentle walkway that is easily accessible to everyone, spirals around the building connecting the ground floor with a public roof deck.

The interior space is arrayed around 3 rings of wood columns and glu-lam beams – outer, inner and central rings. The outer ring houses more public functions such as the main entrance, public circulation, daily sports facility, lounge cafeteria, membership club and offices. These functions are closely related with the exterior, having direct connection to the surrounding landscape.