Hong Kong | HK    Public    200+ sqm     Public + Private Investment    Feasibility Study

Hong Kong Re(generation) project is a public proposal we have been working on, regenerate public spaces while tackling at the same time the excess of waste production in Hong Kong. We describe first both problems: how Hong Kong produces an excess of waste per capita compare to other big cities and the abandoned conditions of some public spaces of the city. From these problems we raise the potential of reactivating these public spaces and raising awareness about the excess of waste problem to the citizens.

The strategy is to involve government, private investors, local designers and users through a network of small interventions all around the city of Hong Kong. The culmination of the proposal is to design and build these interventions so we can tackle both problems we described all summarized in a Central HUB of education and knowledge, symbol of the green regenerated HK, serving as first sample of many re(generation)s around the world.

Enzyme Team | Kathy Pau, Melissa Chan, Lorenzo Franceschini, Jorge Beneitez Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil |