Yilong| China    Masterplaning    400000sqm    International Competition    FIRST PRIZE   @TAKENAKA

The East Asian landscape (and harmony with a modern city) we envision is not simply made up of forms and colours. Like the Yilong District, it consists of multiple layers with mountains in the distance, the pastoral scenery in front of them, and the production activities and everyday lives that take place there. Viewpoints are not defined by strong axes or monuments.

Loop linear city proposes to concentrate lines of flow (much like the linear city) and forms them into a loop to make it easy to return to the same spot, reduce waiting times, and save energy consumption due to speed reductions. In addition, agile coordination between electric vehicles, medical care and distribution using the city’s big data, and delivery of various public services will optimize mobility for people and things. This allows us to avoid unnecessary construction and control the city’s expansion and contraction in the future in a flexible and delicate manner amid a balanced urban network.

Project developed in collaboration with TAKENAKA Computational Design Team | Masaaki Matsuoka, Hiroshi Arita, Natsumi Kawasaki, Naoyuki Takayama, Aya Kasuya |

Enzyme Team | Kathy Pau, Melissa Chan, Lorenzo Franceschini, Jorge Beneitez, Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil |