Madrid | Spain    Leisure    2000sqm    Private Commission    Schematic Design

The Hotel belongs to a bigger proposal that aims to reactivate the surroundings of the Atazar lake in the North of Madrid with a belt of sports trails and activities. This hotel is mean to be the arrival spot of the sport complex. A group of other small hotels will be located in the villages around the lake to be use as resting and gathering areas for the users of the sport trails.

The Hotel project is located in a site that was previously occupied by a construction that was destroyed by a fire. The remaining stone walls have been kept and integrated in the project. The common areas of the hotel connect the Courtyard with the access through a double height open bar. The double ventilated skin remain fresh during the hot summer and allows sunlight in winter.

Enzyme Team | Jorge Morlan, Jorge Beneitez, Eugenio Fontan |