Bali | Indonesia    Retail    1.200sqm    Private Commission    Built   @GUstudio + Heaps&Wood

As one of the key spots of the Bali Nightlife, Hu’u now focus his attention in the chill and classy evenings. Surrounded by a green and a colourful perimeter a the main theme of marina is given by brief. It was fast developed from sketches and brainstorming to execution within a month.

The new outdoor of the Hu’u Bar will have the feeling of sailing days, where sun, wind and shadows take a strong role, after testing different ideas and areas to be cover, a double mast origami sail will be in charge to shelter the space under it the main bar counter embed in an old refurbish fisherman’s boat.

Project developed in collaboration with GUstudio and Heaps&wood Bali.

Enzyme Team | Jorge Beneitez, Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil |