Shenyang | China    Hospitality    20000sqm    Private Competition    1stPrize    Schematic Design    @ICE

The main challenge in this big scale project of more than 20.000 sqm was the design of all interior perception as well as distribution of functional spaces and new Facade design. As a Luxury Hotel for Governmental institutions and diplomatic relationships, the discretion is a must making the interaction between pubic and private a main role and great challenge to display the best Chinese market design.

The designated floor plan puts an effort on dividing the plan in three main areas (entertainment, business and relax) but forgets to separated the flows into main podium for the ballroom guest vs Vip and Hotel main guests, generating a difficult orientation and a big deal for the whole project.

Focus on functional and spacial enhancement the representation of the circulation system on the ceiling, guides by light troughs which lead to publicly accessible rooms. The floor is a direct reflection of the ceiling with rough and glossy surfaces, that leads on the new Facade with a dialog between plan and site.

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