HUMEN | CHINA    TOD    120.000 sqm    Private Client    Feasibility    @PLA/group    @WOODS BAGOT

Lately, every transit-oriented development (TOD) has been gaining significant attention in China. Originating from Europe, transit-oriented development projects aim to maximise the amount of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport, by building high-density, mixed-use areas around a central transit stop.

Compared to other built-up areas, a TOD is more walkable, using smaller block sizes and reduces the land area dedicated to automobiles. In this particular case, the core of the project comes on the combination of a green park and pedestrian access on the Level -1 and Level 1 and the crossing drop off road on the ground floor.

Project Developed as Design + BIM Consultants in collaboration with PLA/group and WOODS BAGOT.

Enzyme Team | Jorge Beneitez, Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil |