Bandung | Indonesia    Residential    650 sqm    Private Commission    Underconstruction

The Patio. Is the main space of the house and ironically the non build part. Working as the core of life, like the heart in our body or the mother in a family. Using the temporal surroundings a green cut is made in the building, a gap that brings the light and nature needed for any living space, and that will evolve into a patio house.

The Frame. A framed facade composed of 2 superposed volumes.The public that closes to the outside with a strong and natural wood and the private that filters the light needed on the inside with a permeable skin.

The Axis. The space is designed from the different perception of solidness. Due to it, the transition must be guided by a longitudinal axis. An Axis that works as connector between the public areas in the ground floor and the private ones on the level above. Here as in the Classic Italian Architecture, the “forced axial perspective” leads to the iconic end, the vertical connector, the floating stair.

Enzyme Team | Jorge Beneitez, Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil |